1. Do you ship internationally? What is your international shipping policy?

Yes, we do!  International shipping costs are based on international rates (per package weight). Please be aware: international custom duty fees may apply and are the responsibility of the purchaser. All custom taxes are declared by international law.   

As these fees can be costly, please research your country’s fees and taxes before completing your order.  If an international order is refused or undeliverable for any reason, the package will be abandoned at customs and Cup-Pilot will not reimburse the product(s) or shipping fee.  Cup-Pilot is not responsible for any custom fees, duties, taxes or brokerage fees associated with the shipping or receiving of your order.  

2. Can I use my Cup-Pilot during take-off and landing?

While you can attach your Cup-Pilot to the seat-back tray during the boarding process to avoid spilling your drink as you get settled, you do need to take it down (and hold your drink) during take-off / landing per FAA regulations.  Once take-off is complete, re-attach and enjoy your trip!