Patrick J. Garahan is the inventor of the Cup-Pilot. He twice served as Secretary of Transportation for the State of Vermont and later as a transportation consultant. Much of his time was spent working on issues and products that are changing the way we live. As a frequent flyer, he was all too familiar with the ever-changing world of modern air travel. Simple problems like where to put your morning coffee when you settle into your seat can easily make the experience worse. He decided to combine his skills as a licensed engineer and Stanford MBA to create the Cup-Pilot - a simple, inexpensive, portable cup holder. It enhances small pleasures like a good cup of coffee, preventing spills while optimizing space for work and relaxation.


Justin Aten is the founder of SamuelHannah Creative Designs, LLC.  Always thinking of crazy inventions to solve problems… On one particular business trip, he recognized the need for a good way to carry a cup of coffee onto the plane while juggling a laptop and carry-on bag. After experimenting with different designs for a traveling beverage holder, he ran across the Cup-Pilot, a great product that was already on the market. He tried the product and liked it so much that he decided to contact the inventor. Eventually a partnership was born. SamuelHannah Creative Designs is now actively marketing and selling Cup-Pilot™ products. "Most of us have experienced the great feeling of pairing a creative solution with a problem we are experiencing and seeing it make things better. When you find a great product like the Cup-Pilot that provides so much value to travelers for less than the price of a few lattes, you want everyone to have one.”