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"I recently took a trip to India and used my Cup-Pilot at the airport, on the plane, and, when I didn't have a bedside table, I hung my Cup-Pilot from my luggage to hold my drink. I never want to travel without it again!"

Sally T.

"This has been a godsend for my morning train commute. I did have to make the loop a bit longer to accommodate an older train so that I could hook to the ticket holder. But on the newer train, it's perfect!"

Sue B.

(1) "I love the cup holder for both travel and in the car. I fold it up and slip it in my bag when not in use." (2) "I wanted it for the golf cart and it works great."

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Cup-Pilot Airplane Beverage Holder
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"Attention, Passengers! Flight #2345 is now boarding!"

That is your cue that it is time for the coffee juggling act. You pick up your carry-on, boarding pass, and cup of hot, fresh coffee and gingerly walk toward the plane. When you arrive at your seat, you carefully stow your items and get ready for take-off. You look around to find a place to put your coffee but find none. (Yes, you do this every time you board the plane - but to no avail, it is just wishful thinking.) One day, maybe one day, you will have a perfect place to store that hot coffee, hands-free, or your water bottle, or your cold drink, upon take-off and during your flight. We have great news! That day is here!

Meet the Cup-Pilot. The Cup-Pilot is an ingenious, fumble-free airplane beverage holder that clips onto the upright tray table in front of you and folds up for compact storage when not in use. We have tested them at Best Of The Best and highly recommend them as a must-have for every traveler, both business travelers and leisure travelers alike! You can also attach the Cup-Pilot to any zippered pocket on your suitcase while you are waiting.

We give it the Cup-Pilot a five-star rating. You can find the Cup-Pilot at

The Washington Post
It Came in the Mail: Cup-Pilot

Travelers who need a third hand for their drinks.

If we pooled all of the liquids we have spattered or lost in airports and planes over the years, we could fill a Great Lake. The abandoned water bottle in the bathroom. The kicked-over coffee on the terminal floor. The sloshing cup of orange juice in coach.

The Cup-Pilot, designed by a former Vermont secretary of transportation, attempts to stop the spills by keeping the beverage where it belongs: inside the container.The collapsible contraption resembles a basketball hoop for Team Smurf, with a small net pouch attached to a plastic "backboard." A metal hook fastens to a number of surfaces, including luggage, airplane trays (open and closed) and your spouse's finger. Although this item might seem a bit excessive, much like lipstick holders, it does come in handy in flight. We imagine using it while settling into our seat, when our arms are otherwise busy storing a carry-on, and at high altitudes, when we have important papers and gadgets arrayed on our tray table and don't trust the shallow indentation to do its job. Think of how happy your boss will be when you deliver a report not smelling of bloody mary.

-- Andrea Sachs

Three products for people who carry too much stuff on the plane
Gadling Gear Review

The final product in this lineup only holds one item - but to many travelers it's the one product they'd never want to board the plane without. The Cup-Pilot is a cleverly designed cup holder, which can be attached to almost anything. It'll hang on your tray table or even on your rolling suitcase.The Cup-Pilot was invented by Patrick J. Garahan, who twice served as Secretary of Transportation for the State of Vermont, so this man knows a thing or two about travel.

--Scott Carmichael